SPARC Stories

Stories of Inspiration and Success

Mia Alfaro-Diaz Declared Ready for Kindergarten

Mia’s mother wrote a note to thank everyone at SPARC for making such a huge difference in her daughter’s young life.
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Diego Overcomes Social Uncertainty

Diego’s family has shared that they are very happy with his progress and the foundation SPARC has given him for lifelong success. They appreciate the early intervention services they received from SPARC.
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Levi Learns to Manage His Emotions

Levi and his mother worked with their speech-language pathologist on functional communication, play skills, using pictures to make choices, and strategies to fulfill Levi’s sensory needs in a safe and healthy way.
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Lucia – Overcoming What Cancer Took Away

SPARC is so happy to have Lucia as part of the SPARC family. It is a joy to watch her grow and develop even more than she has over the past year.
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Milo and Dad

Premature Milo Walking and Talking

“In a time of concern, they offered us the tools and encouragement we needed to support Milo in language development. We could not be more excited to continue watching him grow, learn, and master the skills he needs to thrive in this world. A million thanks to Meghan and SPARC for everything you do!”
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Celebrating Baby Developmental Milestones with Sequoia

“What I love about SPARC is their commitment to children who, like Sequoia, need help to build the foundation to their lifelong journey. We are so grateful for SPARC’s patience and kindness - for their support and services.”
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Journey Breaks Free from Newborn Chemical Dependence

Journey’s parents wanted to share their story with the community, to get the word out about the positive impact that being foster parents has had on their lives, and let other families know that progress is possible!
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Mother & Child Deepen Bond and Make Progress

My family can’t thank them enough for what they continuously do for our child. Our child is better at listening, taking turns, making eye contact and engaging with our entire family.
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