Diego Overcomes Social Uncertainty


Diego first came to SPARC as part of the Birth-3 program and throughout that time was never away from his mother. When he transitioned to the Pre-school program, it was a challenging time, but we worked hard at making it as smooth as possible.

When he first started with us, he would not attend circle time stories or songs. Activities like painting and crafts were also difficult for him, and he would often lay under the table instead.

Today, I am very proud of his social-emotional development. He has made HUGE strides after receiving special education services to help with his social emotional, cognitive, and speech.

Now, he leads circle time songs and loves to read along with the story in his own copy of the book. And he now loves to cut, glue, paint, and do other craft activities. He runs into the classroom and greets his peers and teachers.

He loves the alphabet, and happily talks about the letters with anyone who will listen.

Diego’s family has shared that they are very happy with his progress and the foundation SPARC has given him for lifelong success. They appreciate the early intervention services they received from SPARC.

Kate says, “As his preschool teacher for three years, I am so honored I had the opportunity to witness his growth and I will forever cherish the time I had working with his family.”

Now, Diego has moved on to kindergarten, and we are excited for his future.