Birth to Three Program

Serving the Very Young

Supporting families is at the heart of our mission. With this in mind, we feel a parent holds the key to our success with every child. A parent’s participation helps us better understand the needs of every child and how we can help.

Services to Suit Your Needs

Services may be provided in-home or via community-based location depending on the unique needs of the family. Services may include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, and Family Resource Coordination. Please reach out if you are interested in a developmental screening/evaluation to determine if your child is eligible for our Birth to Three services. 

Those who we serve say it all.

We are so grateful to have Shaun and Amber as part of Julia’s team.  We hold them dearly in our hearts. I couldn’t be happier. Their encouragement and letting me know what I’m doing well is so helpful. 

Danielle Luevanos
Julia's Mom

Families Matter

Individualized Plans

A Starting Place

SPARC believes parents and families are a valuable part of our program. The needs of the family are assessed and addressed in order to optimize your child’s success. Ongoing participation is encouraged as it helps us better understand the needs of your child.

Parents and staff will create an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan outlines the concerns expressed by parents and family members and identifies the child’s specific needs related to their development.

A Family Resources Coordinator will help families connect to other community and state programs and services for families to best support them on this journey. When a child turns three years of age, staff help transition children to preschool services, typically provided by the child’s local school district.

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