Mia Alfaro-Diaz Declared Ready for Kindergarten


Mia has been with SPARC since she was a baby, attending both B-3 and Preschool. She needed a lot of help with her speech, and received house visits in the early years too.

The great news is, Mia has made so much progress with her IEP goals that our most recent evaluation showed that she no longer needed services! While we were sad to see Mia and her family leave our classroom, we were SO Excited about her progress and know she will do amazing things in kindergarten.

Mia’s mother wrote a note to thank everyone at SPARC for making such a huge difference in her daughter’s young life:

“As a parent what I liked most about the program was communication. They always called to let me know how Mia was doing. They have helped me with all the goals I wanted to meet for Mia.

Mia enjoyed going to school and loved all her teachers and she would tell me about her day when she got home.

I want to thank everyone at SPARC for being there for Mia and helping meet all her goals and getting her ready for kindergarten. It was amazing to hear that she had met all her goals and it makes us happy that she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Thank you for giving us such a great experience and for all your help. You are all wonderful.”