Levi Learns to Manage His Emotions

“We didn’t even know where to begin,” says Levi’s mother. When Levi was two years old, he was still not using words to communicate with his family, and his tantrums could be so severe that his parents were worried he might hurt himself or even his baby sister, who he loves so much.

Levi and his mother worked with their speech-language pathologist on functional communication, play skills, using pictures to make choices, and strategies to fulfill Levi’s sensory needs in a safe and healthy way.

Levi now adds new words to his vocabulary every week, and his family can now (sometimes) preempt a meltdown by offering sensory calming activities.

“I know we still have a long way to go,” Levi’s mother acknowledged after 4 months of speech therapy, but his parents can now see his progress even during the challenging times.