Mother & Child Deepen Bond and Make Progress

My child has been receiving speech services with SPARC for the last 6 months. Amber is the Speech Therapist and Vanessa is our Family Resource Coordinator and Teacher.

My family can’t thank them enough for what they continuously do for our child. Our child is better at listening, taking turns, making eye contact and engaging with our entire family.

They are teaching me how to engage with my child and not just having him sit in the corner being, what I would call at the time, “a loner”. Amber has taught me to change my outlook on and teach him how to “engage him more”.

Vanessa has provided us with so many resources to get him help with sensory needs, helped us find child care, helped us get our light bill reduced and almost completely paid for, all for free. Some months, Vanessa led us in the right direction for getting food into our home. I tell everyone I know about SPARC.

This is a story we received from the parent of a child in B-3, who wishes the child’s name to remain anonymous.