Premature Milo Walking and Talking

Milo and Dad

Born 3 months premature at only 1.5 pounds, Milo’s parents expected challenges. With SPARC’s help, they identified a speech delay very early in his life.

SPARC’s Meghan Hendrickson gave Milo a thorough assessment and developed a program to help him flourish in his speech, while having lots of fun along the way.

Her encouraging words and patience have turned what could have been a stressful, trying experience into one of learning, growth, and joy. Milo looks forward to each speech therapy session, and even chants Meghan’s name before each session!

Milo’s doctors instructed him to quarantine during covid, and Meghan was able to work with him through Zoom, which allowed them to continue working together in comfort.

Because intervention happened so early, Milo’s vocabulary is now growing exponentially, and this would not be happening without SPARC. Milo’s parents are very grateful to have access to such an empowering service that will affect the rest of his life.

As they put it:

“In a time of concern, they offered us the tools and encouragement we needed to support Milo in language development. We could not be more excited to continue watching him grow, learn, and master the skills he needs to thrive in this world. A million thanks to Meghan and SPARC for everything you do!”

Milo and Dad