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  • Birth to Three Program

The Birth to Three program provides services for children from birth to three years old with significant delays in one of the following skill areas:  motor, cognitive, social, adaptive, or communication.  Services may be provided in the home, community based location or center depending on the needs of the family and age of the child.  Usually children under eighteen months are served in the home by a therapist. Between eighteen months and three years of age, children can attend a class in cooperation with Early Head Start or at SPARC with community peers.  The classroom consists of developmentally appropriate group activities and individual therapy services.

Parents are an integral and valuable part of our program.  Home visits are provided on a regular basis to establish a cooperative relationship.  Parents' participation in classroom, home visits, and meetings are encouraged to help us understand the needs, concerns, and desires of the family.

Parents and staff develop an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to address the families concerns and child’s needs.  Each family chooses a Family Resources Coordinator to coordinate services for the family and connect the family with community services.  Prior to the age of three, the staff help transition the child to preschool services available through the child's local school district. 


  • Preschool Program

The SPARC Preschool program serves the Mount Vernon School District’s preschool children with developmental delays.  The majority of these children are served within Head Start classrooms.  A group of modules at LaVenture Middle School serve a SPARC/Head Start class, a SPARC class open to community enrollment and a class serving children needing extra supports.  The classroom settings consist of a daily routine of activities rich in the development of physical self-help, social, academic and communication skill building.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy are provided in the classroom as needed. Children not in classroom settings receive individual therapy.

Each preschool child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with goals and objectives specifically developed to meet his/her needs.  Parents help to develop this education plan and are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and participate in parent meetings throughout the school year.


  •   Neurodevelopmental Program

SPARC is one of sixteen neurodevelopment centers in Washington State.  Neurodevelopment Centers provide therapy and related services to children with neuromuscular or developmental disorders.  This designation enables SPARC to provide therapy to children not living in the school districts contracted with SPARC and to provide additional therapy to our school district children.


  • Assistive Technology

“Assistive Technology” is any service that assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of a device that can be used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of that individual.  At SPARC our vision for this program is to provide services and devices to children in order for them to be active participants in their education.  The SPARC Assistive Technology program provides children with disabilities the opportunity to access the same curriculum as children in general education, allows for increased communication, promotes independence with daily living activities, enhances their capabilities, expands play and learning, provides opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do, and removes barriers.

Click here for SPARCKIDS Assistive Technology Website


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